Individual assessments are carried out by experienced conductors before children are accepted by the Lighthouse Trust Summer School to ensure that, in our judgement, the child will benefit from conductive education. Assessments during July and August are free of charge whilst those which happen outside this time will incur a fee. The assessment will be arranged before any firm booking for attendance is made.

Group photo at the Lighthouse Trust

Group photo at the Lighthouse Trust

Group Work

Children are placed in the group that will provide the best environment for their personal development and individual needs.

It is the policy of the School to have as near as possible to a one-to-one ratio in each group, as this was one of Andras Peto’s aims. A typical class has 10 children, 3 conductors and 6 – 7 assistants. Most of our conductors have graduated from the Peto Institute, have several years’ experience and are fluent in English. Our assistants have all had experience working with special needs’ groups. Most of them have worked for the summer school for several years. All of our staff have undertaken a certified Child Protection Course.