Feedback from Summer School parents, 2017

From Enda, father of Oscar: 

Oscar our 3 year old son has had an amazing experience at the lighthouse trust.

His experience of conductive education has progressed his development immensely.

From a personal point of view I witnessed Oscar walking almost unaided for the first time.

This is due to the amazing educators and assistants at the trust.

For many parents seeing their child taking their first independent steps is a truly memorable milestone, as a parent who was told their son would never walk I can tell you was much more than memorable but almost miracle like and quite tearful moment for me.

Been accepted to the lighthouse trust has been life changing for Oscar, myself and Sophia.

I as a father have had thanks to the trust the opportunity to meet other fathers with similar concerns and issues.

This may sound like a small thing but it can be a lonely place been a father of a child with a disability and old friends don’t really know what to say or when to just say nothing at all.

All of the above been said I hope that as a family we can return again next year.

So it’s with great appreciation I say thanks to you, the lighthouse trust, the conductors, the assistants, and Carol.


Enda (very lucky father of Oscar) 

From Alan, Father of Ronan:

The school provides an amazing standard of Conductive Education by a solid team of Internationally sourced Conductors who come back year after year. This is at the heart of the high standard of delivery and I commend you on your ability to attract and retain these high quality practitioners. It says a lot about how the school is run, the friendly inclusive atmosphere and the many achievements and breakthroughs, large and small, that seem to occur each year that keep everyone looking forward to next summer’s program. The team of young assistants also need a mention as these enthusiastic, energetic and able young people make it possible to deliver an unsurpassed staff to child ratio. We benchmark your service on the Petó International centre in Hungary, thought by many to be the centre of excellence for this type of therapy and have attended their summer program as well but our son can’t wait to get to Donaghadee. It’s just a pity it isn’t available for more of the year. In his own words he said this year, after the play, when we were travelling back to Hungary, “I wish I could go to the Lighthouse every day.” He has come a long way in the last few years. Thank you to everyone involved.